Learning Reiki

My first four months in Asia were spent with the wide eyes of a meandering backpacker. Everything was new and fresh, like ripe fruit oozing in my hands… But, as those of you who have moved to a new city know, your lens changes after a few months of residing in the same place. Famous… Continue reading Learning Reiki

Chapter 2: Settling In

I used the wire hangers already there. Last week, I moved into a studio apartment in Chiang Mai where some things had been left behind by the previous tenant. The “American me” would have bought new hangers — the fancy kind with the little grooves for strappy shirts. The new me doesn’t want to spend… Continue reading Chapter 2: Settling In

Saturation: A Traveler’s Decision to Stick Around

Living in the present. Easier said than done when you’re on a 12 hour bus ride! With my curtain pulled back, I can see every market we pass between Bangkok and Chumphon Pier. So many mangos… I could eat one everyday. (Oh wait, I do ☺). Why do we travel? On the bus today I… Continue reading Saturation: A Traveler’s Decision to Stick Around