A Peek Inside Burmese Culture

“Nice laptop,” says the manager of my guesthouse in Bagan. “Thanks,” I reply, suddenly feeling a little hesitant about having my MacBook Air in plain view. “How much you pay?” He asks (with no qualms)! I cock my head to one side and look up at him, puzzled. Welcome to Burma. You are more likely… Continue reading A Peek Inside Burmese Culture

Avoiding “The Easy Way” – My Travels in Myanmar

The train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in Thailand has plugins in it. Plugins, clean sinks with liquid soap, a restaurant and air-conditioning, should you prefer it. The 15-hour trip hardly seems difficult, unless of course, you’re custom is flying first class. (Ah, perspective….) As I sit on the train today I realize that this… Continue reading Avoiding “The Easy Way” – My Travels in Myanmar