Avoiding “The Easy Way” – My Travels in Myanmar

The train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in Thailand has plugins in it. Plugins, clean sinks with liquid soap, a restaurant and air-conditioning, should you prefer it. The 15-hour trip hardly seems difficult, unless of course, you’re custom is flying first class. (Ah, perspective….) As I sit on the train today I realize that this… Continue reading Avoiding “The Easy Way” – My Travels in Myanmar

Chiang Mai: A Little Slice of California in Thailand

Chiang Mai is really not so different than San Francisco. For starters, there’s a lot of great Thai food. (It just happens to be significantly cheaper and spicier here!) But ethnic food aside, the cultural shocks and adjustments are very limited. Chiang Mai is a modern city. The second largest in the country. It’s a… Continue reading Chiang Mai: A Little Slice of California in Thailand

Interview with Sunny, from Thailand

Sometimes the best conversations are after the camera stops rolling. Such was the case with Sunny. Her name really says it all, but what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t attempt to paint it for you? Sunny is a beautiful 34 year old Thai woman, wife and mother of 2, with a… Continue reading Interview with Sunny, from Thailand

Saturation: A Traveler’s Decision to Stick Around

Living in the present. Easier said than done when you’re on a 12 hour bus ride! With my curtain pulled back, I can see every market we pass between Bangkok and Chumphon Pier. So many mangos… I could eat one everyday. (Oh wait, I do ☺). Why do we travel? On the bus today I… Continue reading Saturation: A Traveler’s Decision to Stick Around

5 Reasons Not to Take Buses in Thailand

1. The Toilets. Yes, I’m starting here! If you like to pee as much as I do, buses are not for you. While most buses have a small toilet, it’s usually something resembling a horror scene from Candy Man (kudos if you get the reference). There is no small water basin to wash your hands.… Continue reading 5 Reasons Not to Take Buses in Thailand

Interview with Scott, Australia

When I arrived in Chiang Mai, I was a little skeptical about sharing a dorm room with 5 other people. I had reserved it months in advance, and so once I arrived in Thailand and realized how easy it is to find a guesthouse here without a reservation I started to have some buyer’s remorse!… Continue reading Interview with Scott, Australia

Strictly Singapore

All I remember learning about Singapore in school was that it’s illegal to chew gum there… reason enough for an adolescent to scratch it off their list of “Places I want to visit.” I’ve since learned more about Singapore, of course, and it is a fascinating country to visit, not to mention incredibly safe. Still,… Continue reading Strictly Singapore