Grounded in Reality

It started with just one. But then I liked it, so the next day I had three. Then four. It seemed harmless. I was lonely and these people were becoming like my family. But then something awful happened. They left me. I was alone again. I finished the series…. Today I want to tell you… Continue reading Grounded in Reality

The View from Here

My high school art teacher, the lovely and wise Mrs. Juliana Comer, used to say, “When you start to feel frustrated with your artwork, walk away from it. When you come back to it after a little while, you’ll be able to see what needs to be fixed.” This was great advice. Great because it… Continue reading The View from Here

Saturation: A Traveler’s Decision to Stick Around

Living in the present. Easier said than done when you’re on a 12 hour bus ride! With my curtain pulled back, I can see every market we pass between Bangkok and Chumphon Pier. So many mangos… I could eat one everyday. (Oh wait, I do ☺). Why do we travel? On the bus today I… Continue reading Saturation: A Traveler’s Decision to Stick Around

Experiencing Cambodia

One thing is universal. Everyone smiles at children. No matter our race, gender, or even our mood. When children laugh and play in front of us, we smile. Especially when they smile at us first. And so let me tell you what I love about Cambodia. It’s children. When they run naked chasing each other… Continue reading Experiencing Cambodia


When traveling you form connections with people you would have likely never met in your “other life”. (Yes, it’s my other life now.) Sometimes I imagine another version of myself is still there behind a computer in downtown San Francisco, waiting for that 5 o’clock hour and an evening of Tae Kwon Do or guitar… Continue reading Connections