How much can you learn about a person in just 3 questions? Can you make a meaningful connection? Touch their soul? We show our care for other people by asking them about themselves and, more importantly, by truly listening. It is through the exposure of information about ourselves that we show our vulnerability, our compassion, our fears, and our desire to connect.

So much time we spend on defining ourselves, creating our persona and displaying that persona to other people. It’s exhausting and isolating work… and for what? I believe if we would spend that time instead to discover what makes us the same we’d live a more peaceful existence.

As I embark on the next chapter of my life, starting with a backpacking trip through Thailand, I intend to share my experiences in this blog and also sit down with as many people who are willing — travelers and locals alike — to ask them just 3 questions. I hope to uncover beautiful secrets and dreams, and share happiness with as many people as possible.



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