The View from Here

My high school art teacher, the lovely and wise Mrs. Juliana Comer, used to say, “When you start to feel frustrated with your artwork, walk away from it. When you come back to it after a little while, you’ll be able to see what needs to be fixed.” This was great advice. Great because it… Continue reading The View from Here

Chapter 2: Settling In

I used the wire hangers already there. Last week, I moved into a studio apartment in Chiang Mai where some things had been left behind by the previous tenant. The “American me” would have bought new hangers — the fancy kind with the little grooves for strappy shirts. The new me doesn’t want to spend… Continue reading Chapter 2: Settling In

A Peek Inside Burmese Culture

“Nice laptop,” says the manager of my guesthouse in Bagan. “Thanks,” I reply, suddenly feeling a little hesitant about having my MacBook Air in plain view. “How much you pay?” He asks (with no qualms)! I cock my head to one side and look up at him, puzzled. Welcome to Burma. You are more likely… Continue reading A Peek Inside Burmese Culture

Avoiding “The Easy Way” – My Travels in Myanmar

The train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in Thailand has plugins in it. Plugins, clean sinks with liquid soap, a restaurant and air-conditioning, should you prefer it. The 15-hour trip hardly seems difficult, unless of course, you’re custom is flying first class. (Ah, perspective….) As I sit on the train today I realize that this… Continue reading Avoiding “The Easy Way” – My Travels in Myanmar