Interview with Vincent, France

Once in a while, we are lucky enough to meet a person with a luminous soul. So bright and intense, you can’t help but feel its beams around you. This was the case when I met Vincent. It seemed to me that his eyes were 100% open and he saw everything.

Vincent has had a colorful life, and it led him here, to Thailand, for a new journey. For four months he’s been a nature backpacker and freedom seeker, waking up with the squirrels in the woods on most mornings . (Thailand seems to beckon free spirits and those on the brink of metamorphosis.) You may remember from my previous post, Failed Attempts, Fresh Perspectives, that Vincent is the one who took my hand and ran into the ocean one evening spontaneously :).

I adore Vincent’s response to my interview question, “What makes you feel loved?” And even if you’re volume is turned off, I think you will find his expression moving.


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