Question 1: What Makes You Feel Loved?

As I began working on my video series for the “3 Questions Project,” I ran into some inevitable challenges. Realizing that 3 questions with each person ends up being longer than an episode of How I Met Your Mother and inevitably longer than most people have the attention span for, I opted to modify my approach. So here you have the first in the series, where I ask just one question to 4 lovely ladies. All uncut. Each video a convenient 2-3 minutes :). I think you can handle that, right?

I would go into detail about the goals of this project, but honestly, I’m still figuring it out myself. Suffice it to say, I want to capture emotion on film and create something beautiful. So without further ado — Meet Charlie, Fara, Kat and Bailey – four amazing women I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with in Koh Lanta.

Micro Interview with Charlie (UK)

Charlie is a warm ball of sunshine from Brighton, UK. She and her boyfriend, Jay, are traveling together for a year and they make an incredible team.

Charlie Interview
Interview with Charlie

Interview with Fara (USA)

My favorite pastime in Koh Lanta was going to Oasis Yoga everyday for classes with this gem of a woman, Fara. She’s from the Midwestern state of Oklahoma but has lived abroad for 9 years.

Interview with Fara
Interview with Fara

Interview with Kat (Poland)

Kat, a soulful and artistic nomad from Poland, was one of the most creative people I’ve met in a long time. I love her thoughtful response to this interview question.

Interview with Kat
Interview with Kat

Interview with Bailey (Canada)

At just 19 years old, Bailey is a very brave girl traveling by herself for a few months in Thailand. She’s from Vancouver, Canada. A horse-lover with a warm, upbeat personality. She has traveled on with me since Koh Lanta and is quickly becoming like a little sister.

Interview with Bailey

I hope you enjoyed the videos as much I enjoyed creating them. In the future I’d love to edit more and improve the quality, but as you can imagine it’s difficult being on the road. Not to mention, the internet connection speed in Thailand is slower than a three-toed sloth (We’ve started to call it “Thai-Fi,” affectionately.) More to come…

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