Interview with Franco, from Argentina

I left out one detail from my previous post, “3 Crazy Days in Koh Phangan.” His name is Franco. How should I introduce Franco… By my third night on the famous party island, I was beat. My friends Bailey and Ada were still enjoying the music and the sweaty dancing, so I left them to… Continue reading Interview with Franco, from Argentina

Experiencing Cambodia

One thing is universal. Everyone smiles at children. No matter our race, gender, or even our mood. When children laugh and play in front of us, we smile. Especially when they smile at us first. And so let me tell you what I love about Cambodia. It’s children. When they run naked chasing each other… Continue reading Experiencing Cambodia

3 Crazy Nights in Koh Phangan

Initially, I had planned to avoid Koh Phangan and the Full Moon party entirely. I thought, “It’s gonna be a shit show and I’m just too old for it.” Most of my friends from high school and college are waking up 5 days a week and taking their kids to school before work. And here… Continue reading 3 Crazy Nights in Koh Phangan

Question 1: What Makes You Feel Loved?

As I began working on my video series for the “3 Questions Project,” I ran into some inevitable challenges. Realizing that 3 questions with each person ends up being longer than an episode of How I Met Your Mother and inevitably longer than most people have the attention span for, I opted to modify my… Continue reading Question 1: What Makes You Feel Loved?


When traveling you form connections with people you would have likely never met in your “other life”. (Yes, it’s my other life now.) Sometimes I imagine another version of myself is still there behind a computer in downtown San Francisco, waiting for that 5 o’clock hour and an evening of Tae Kwon Do or guitar… Continue reading Connections