How to Cross the Street in Thailand

Yes, there really needs to be an entire post dedicated to this subject… Westerners, be aware that the phrase “Pedestrians always have the right of way” does not exist here in Thailand! In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. It is your duty, as a pedestrian, not to get yourself run over. Here’s how: Patience. The… Continue reading How to Cross the Street in Thailand

My Stay at a Karen Village in Northern Thailand (with Video)

This morning I woke with the chickens. The chickens and my friends Nee and Mint on our pallet bed, beneath a crisp new red mosquito net. Rays of sunshine eagerly peaked through the cracks in the wooden walls, accompanied by the sounds of the morning.  Slow footsteps. Chirping birds. Clanging dishes. I can’t remember the… Continue reading My Stay at a Karen Village in Northern Thailand (with Video)

Grounded in Reality

It started with just one. But then I liked it, so the next day I had three. Then four. It seemed harmless. I was lonely and these people were becoming like my family. But then something awful happened. They left me. I was alone again. I finished the series…. Today I want to tell you… Continue reading Grounded in Reality

Being an Expat in Chiang Mai is Easier than you Think

I think it’s time I set the record straight about just how “different” life is living in Thailand as an expat. Some friends have shared with me their notions that I live in a bamboo hut near the sea with no electricity. While secretly I like the romance of this idea (and I’ve met a… Continue reading Being an Expat in Chiang Mai is Easier than you Think

5 Reasons to Learn Thai While Living in Thailand

If you plan to stay in Thailand for any extended period of time, I recommend taking Thai language classes – for a few very good reasons (that I’ve conveniently numbered for you below ☺). 1.    Time-Saving Communication 2.    Better Deals $$$ 3.    Less Stress 4.    “VIP Status” 5.    One-year Thai Visa 1. Communication. Even if… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Learn Thai While Living in Thailand

Learning Reiki

My first four months in Asia were spent with the wide eyes of a meandering backpacker. Everything was new and fresh, like ripe fruit oozing in my hands… But, as those of you who have moved to a new city know, your lens changes after a few months of residing in the same place. Famous… Continue reading Learning Reiki

The View from Here

My high school art teacher, the lovely and wise Mrs. Juliana Comer, used to say, “When you start to feel frustrated with your artwork, walk away from it. When you come back to it after a little while, you’ll be able to see what needs to be fixed.” This was great advice. Great because it… Continue reading The View from Here

Chapter 2: Settling In

I used the wire hangers already there. Last week, I moved into a studio apartment in Chiang Mai where some things had been left behind by the previous tenant. The “American me” would have bought new hangers — the fancy kind with the little grooves for strappy shirts. The new me doesn’t want to spend… Continue reading Chapter 2: Settling In

A Peek Inside Burmese Culture

“Nice laptop,” says the manager of my guesthouse in Bagan. “Thanks,” I reply, suddenly feeling a little hesitant about having my MacBook Air in plain view. “How much you pay?” He asks (with no qualms)! I cock my head to one side and look up at him, puzzled. Welcome to Burma. You are more likely… Continue reading A Peek Inside Burmese Culture